Long Range Locator Model-15

Long Range Locator Model-15

Best Long Range Locator

5 Modes, 4 Antennas, Field Scanner

We are launching our Model 6 Chromium Area Scanning Device as a result of our R&D studies that lasted for many years.

Our device has been designed to provide you with the best results for 10 years, thanks to its superior technological microchip.

Microchip Feature is Produced to Capture Ionized Metals Under Ground.

Our field scanning device has 5 modes and finds Gold, Silver, Bronze, Gemstones and space.

It directs you to the products you will find by setting the modes you want on it.

Captures Ionized, Oxidized Metals and Gaps in Our Device’s Magnetic Field and Ground.

It gives the best results up to 25 meters depth.

It performs land scanning up to 650 meters.

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Shipping and Fees Included Price: 400$

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